Power Surplus Punjab

We have achieved our mission of making Punjab a Power Surplus State!

Projects Completed
  • 1980MW Talwandi Sabo Thermal Project and 1400MW Rajpura Thermal Plant inaugurated. 540MW Goindwal Sahib Thermal Project completed.
  • Transmission and Distribution system upgraded /strengthened at a cost of Rs.4400 Crores to provide uninterrupted and reliable power.
  • IT distribution system implemented at a cost of 323 Crores to provide better services to consumers.
  • Single bulb connection to more than 80000 BPL families provided.
Projects Planned
  • Planning to harness 593MW of Power by year 2015 from New & Renewable Sources of Energy.
  • 1000MW Gas based Power Plant near Rupnagar planned.
  • Process for developing 1320MW Thermal Plant near Mukerian under Public sector started.
  • 1,50,000 new Tubewell connections to be released to farmers.
  • 300MW power through Biomass power plants in next three years ,identified

Transforming The Road Network

Our mission is to make Punjab the only state to connect all its major towns with 4 Lane roads.

  • To develop the road network in Punjab we have constructed 11994 kms of new roads at a cost of 5494 Crores!
  • 7403 Kms of New Rural link Roads constructed at a cost of Rs. 1055 crore and 18587 Kms of link roads repaired at a cost of Rs. 1555 crore.
  • 1071 Km. roads repaired in 2012-13 , at the cost of Rs. 297 crore.
  • Rs. 327 crore spent for upgradation of 692 Kms rural roads under PMGSY (including Mandi Board Length).
  • During 2012-13, Rs. 45 crore incurred for construction of 306 Km. road length & 9 bridges under NABARD Scheme.
  • During 2012-13 Under Central Roads Funds Scheme, Rs. 62 crore spent to construct 100 kms road length.
  • Rs. 70 crore spent on upgradation of state roads from World Bank Funding during FY 2012-13.
  • During the year 2013-14 , Rs. 2167.50 Lacs has been released for construction of link roads in villages/Dhanis.
  • During last six years, State has constructed 7422 Km new long distance road at a cost of Rs. 1068 crore and repaired 18602 Km roads at a cost of Rs. 1562 crore.
  • Upgradation of National Highways of 722 Km being Four /Six laned at approximate investment of 7450 crore.

Constructing Flyovers & Bridges

To address the traffic concerns on the roads of Punjab we have built Flyovers, High Level Bridges, Rail-Over-Bridges (ROBs) & Rail-Under-Bridges (RUBs)

  • 33 ROBs/RUBs have been completed with an estimated cost of Rs. 565 Crores. Further 6 ROBs/RUBs are in progress with an estimated cost of Rs. 110 out of which 4 shall be completed during the current financial year & the remaining 2 shall be completed during the next financial year. Beside, 3 New ROBs/RUBs are proposed to be constructed with an estimated cost of Rs. 95 crore during the next financial year.
  • Seven High Level Bridges including Sarai Ka Pattan, Makhu & Multilane High Bridge over UBDC have been completed with an estimated cost of Rs. 170 crore. Further, 4 High Level Bridges are in progress with an estimated cost of Rs. 270 crore.

Delivering Citizen Services

To deliver citizen service across Punjab we have established Saanjh, Fard, Suvidha and Gram Suvidha Kendras.

  • Citizen services are being provided through 500 Saanjh Kendras, 153 Fard Kendras, 132 Suvidha & 2112 Gram Suvidha Kendras.
  • 149 citizens centric services have been notified under Pb. Right to Service Act.
  • All the treasuries have been connected to the State headquarters through the PAWAN network.
  • E-tendering and e-procurement have been introduced in all govt. depts.
  • By abolished practice of seeking affidavits, the number of affidavits have come down to 3.5 lacs from 14.5 lacs.
  • Operationalization of 162 computerized fard kendras covering 12683 out of 13001 total villages of the state. More than 25 lakh farads have been issued in the last year.

Enhancing Trade & Industry

Our Mission is to make Punjab the investment destination of the country.

Reserve Bank of India declared Punjab as third best state in the country for investment.

Progressive Punjab Investors Summit
  • We organized one of the largest Investment Summits of the country in Punjab - National and International captains of industry signed 117 memorandum of commitment to invest Rs. 65000 Crores in Punjab at the Progressive Punjab Investors Summit.
  • The maiden Punjab Progressive Investors Summit was successfully held in December,2013 & next Investors Summit is scheduled to be held at Ludhiana in 2014
Punjab Bureau of Investment Promotion Setup
  • For single stop clearance and quick facilitation for entrepreneurs and industrialists, Punjab Bureau of Investment Promotion has been set up.
Rahat Scheme
  • We have launched the Rahat scheme for our traders in Punjab
  • The Rahat Scheme provides:
    • Freedom from Inspector Raj
    • No need to maintain Accounts
    • Fire insurance cover up to Rs. 5 lacs
    • Health cover up to Rs. 50,000
    • Accidental death and disability cover Rs. 2 lacs
New Industrial Policy
  • Punjab implemented new Industrial Policy-2013 to become the number one state in investment.
  • From January 2014, Single Stage Taxation and VD Scheme launched.
  • 100 percent online filling of Returns and online payment of taxes through banks was initiated.
Steps towards the Industrial Growth of Punjab
  • 102 Mega Projects approved with investment of Rs. 53192.07 crore.
  • Software of Rs. 1771.65 Crore imported during financial year 2012-13.
  • 171 Software Export Units ready at SAS Nagar under Software Technology Park of India Scheme.
  • Rs. 408 Crore Capital Subsidy distributed to industrialists.
  • Common Industrial Mixed Land Use established at Jhal Thikriwala in Kapurthala District.
  • Northern India institute of Fashion Technology tied up with Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar

Developing Healthcare

We are working towards providing the best healthcare facilities to the People of Punjab

Dial 108 Emergency Ambulance Service running effectively across Punjab

Fight against Cancer
  • A Comprehensive Cancer Diagnostic Treatment Center is being launched at a cost of 60 crore Rupees. Under Punjab State Cancer and Drug Addiction Treatment Infrastructure Act 2013, Rs. 300 Crores for upgrading facilities for Cancer Treatment in Govt. Medical Colleges , Patiala , Amritsar and Faridkot and superspeciality facilities in Advance Cancer Diagnostic Center, Bathinda has been sanctioned.
  • Cancer Diagnostic and Treatment Centers at Amritsar, Faridkot, Patiala, and Bathinda being set up.
  • Liquid based Cytology was started at an expense of Rs. 46 lac in Pathology Dept. , Govt. Medical College, Patiala for expediting the early diagnosis of Cancer.
  • Free treatment of 9961 Cancer patients with Rs. 106.34 crore provided.
  • Govt. to setup 400 bed Cancer Hospital at Mullanpur near Chandigarh in collaboration with TMC Mumbai.
  • 100 bedded Cancer Hospital to be set up at Bathinda.
  • Cancer Unit being established at Sangrur in collaboration with TMC Mumbai.
  • Students suffering from heart diseases and cancer being treated free of cost at PGI , Chandigarh and other hospitals under school health programme (DMC, CMC, Silver Oaks , IVY Hospital at SAS Nagar ).
Free Treatment
  • Free Treatment is being provided to Drug-Resistant TB patients of TB Hospitals, of Patiala and Amritsar.
  • Free treatment of all the girls upto the age of five years.
  • Free treatment of pregnant women & children upto one year in govt. hospitals under Janani Shisu Suraksha Programme.
  • Rs. 90 crore reserved for free medicines during the year 2013-14.
Cashless Treatment
  • 198 Private Hospitals have been identified for cashless treatment to the beneficiaries
  • 1.20 lac families with 2.84 lac members were covered in the year 2011-12 whereas during the year 2012-13, 1.29 lac families having 3.06 lac beneficiaries have been enrolled.
  • During 2011-12, 85000 beneficiaries availed cashless treatment worth Rs. 119 Crores, whereas during the current year 25127 beneficiaries have availed treatment free of cost worth Rs. 15.02 Crores so far
Superspeciality departments and improving medical infrastructure
  • For expansion and improvement of Govt. Medical College Patiala & Amritsar, running of superspecialty departments for increasing the seats of MBBS from 150 to 200, for improving better patient care and medical 85 new veterinary hospitals and 110 village level veterinary hospitals building is under construction. Rs 5568.59 Lakhs have been earmarked for this purpose.
  • 372 Veterinary dispensaries and 209 Veterinary hospitals are being renovated at the cost of Rs. 2000 Lakhs during 2013-14 under ACA Scheme
  • Five drug De-Addiction Centers in the State to curb menace of drugs in youth.
  • 100 Hospitals being strengthened to provide 24 hour health services within the radius of 20 Km.
  • Digital X-ray system installed at all 22 District Hospitals and Trauma Center established at Khanna.
  • 6 new Mother Child Care Hospitals established with Rs 80 crore, 12 more to be established with Rs. 106.71 crore.
  • Community Health Center Lehragaga upgraded to 50 bed hospital with Rs. 3.08 crore.
  • Community health Center established at Dhakoli, District SAS Nagar with Rs. 292.25 lac.
  • Civil Works at Community Health Centers at Lambi and Variam Khera completed with Rs. 415.70 lac.
  • A 50 bed Vivekanand De-addiction center has been launched in Govt. Medical College Amritsar and another is under construction in Govt. Medical College, Patiala. Sanction for construction of De-addiction centers in Amritsar, Patiala, Jallandhar, Faridkot and Bathinda.
  • Under PMMS, Bebe Nanki Mother and Child Care and Advanced Diagnostic service Center was established in Govt. Medical College, Amritsar.
  • Launched in the year 2006, Bhai Ghanayia Health Insurance Scheme has been implemented very effectively by covering more and more members of the Cooperative Societies.
  • Under this scheme, beneficiaries can avail cashless treatment in approved hospitals requiring hospitalization exceeding 24 hours upto 1.50 Lacs.
  • RASHTRYASWASTHIABIMAYOJNA started in 240 Government and 403 Private Hospitals. Under this Scheme, 2.20 lac Below Poverty Line Families given Rs. 37.55 crore claim.
  • Under AAM ADAMI BIMA YOJNA (AABY) for BPL and little above families, provision of Rs. 30,000 compensation claim for Natural Death , Rs. 75,000 for accidental death, Rs. 75,000 on complete disability and Rs. 37.5 thousand on partial disability.
  • All Atta Dal beneficiaries to be covered under Bhagat Puran Singh Sehat Bima Yogana (BPSSBY) launched in the state. Free Health treatment cover of Rs. 30 thousand for a family.
  • Punjab State Cancer & Drug Addiction Treatment Infrastructure Act brought Rs 300 crore reserved for Cancer treatment.
Enhancing Medical Education
  • 61 new Certificate/Diploma and Degree Courses have been started in Medical Colleges by Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, Faridkot.
  • To place all the Councils and Directorate under one roof, Medical Education & Research Bhawan at SAS Nagar to be set up.
  • Teaching - Additional new 665 posts for medical teachers and others have been created

Supporting our Farmers

We take pride in our state’s agricultural performance and are working towards ensuring that our farmers feel empowered by providing them with the best support and facilities.

Our Agricultural Performance

  • Punjab farmers contributed 108.89 Lacs MT of wheat and 127.21 lac MT of paddy to Central poll in 2012-13.
  • State surpassed all previous records in wheat productivity i.e. 50.97 kg/ha during Rabi 2011.
  • Punjab contributed 8% of the country’s milk production by producing 97.24 lakh tonnes of milks.
Agricultural Summit
  • To boost our state’s agriculture we organized the Agricultural Summit
  • Agriculture Summit 2014 was held at Fateh Burj, Baba Banda Singh Bahadur War Memorial, Chappar Chiri, Mohali, near Chandigarh from 16th to 19th February, 2014
  • The 4-day summit started with a Kissan Sammelan on 16th February wherein all the stakeholders involved with agricultural development participated and laid down the agenda for discussion
  • This was followed by two days of specific technical sessions wherein the stakeholders discussed different aspects of the agricultural development process with respect to identified key areas
  • The 4th day of the Summit involved a Valedictory Session & Presentation Of Awards
  • Topics discussed in the Summit:
    • Punjab Agriculture: Challenges and Opportunities
    • Biotechnology in Agriculture
    • Opportunities in Subsidiary Agriculture
    • Food and Agriculture Processing Policy and Investments
    • Dairy Farming: A Viable Option
    • Hi-Tech Agriculture
    • Advances in Farm Mechanization
Financial Support
  • The 89 Primary Agriculture Development Banks have provided Rs. 296.26 Crores as long term loan to the members till November, 2013 during the current financial year.
  • Strengthening of Semen Bank, Nabha under National Dairy Plan with cost of Rs. 1420.74 lakh and Progeny Tested Murrah Bulls are produced with the cost of Rs. 1865.18 lakh.
  • Short Term Agriculture Loans of Rs. 11820 crores have been provided during 2013-14, out of which 7111 crores have been provided to small and marginal farmers.
  • Revolving Cash Credit limit to farmers has been enhanced from Rs.8.00 lacs. To Rs.15.00 lacs. Rs. 3384 crores have been sanctioned to the farmers till November, 2013 during the current financial year.
  • Dairy loans are being provided at a very reasonable interest rate of 10.25% for setting up commercial dairy ,the duration of loan has been increased from 5 to 9 years with 2 years moratorium period during which only interest will be recovered
  • Compensation for loss due to natural calamities enhanced from Rs. 2000 to 5000 per acre.
  • 33% subsidy is given to the societies by the Punjab Farmers Commission for the purchase of agriculture implements worth Rs. 10.00 lacs.
  • Rs. 6 Crores @ Rs. 3000 per acre disbursed to farmers as compensation for land situated between the border fence and international border.
  • Rs.5.00 crore under National Mission of Protein Supplement and Rs. 8.00 crore under crop Diversification Programme has allocated for the development of fisheries in South-Western Districts of the State.
Infrastructure & Technology
  • Free power supply to tubewells re-introduced and productivity bonus of Rs. 117 crore released in lieu of energy bills paid earlier.
  • For promoting crop diversification, two maize dryers established at SBS Nagar and Saila Khurd (Hoshiarpur) with cost of 16 Crore.
  • Subsidy of Rs. 3368.00 lakh provided for establishment of 424 community water tank.
  • Subsidy of Rs.7888.00 lakh provided for establishment of 125 cold stores.
  • Eleven new Pack Houses set up to facilitate marketing infrastructure for fruits and vegetables equipped with scientific ripening of fruits and vegetables along with storage facility.
  • Established 1509 Agriculture Machinery Service Centers for providing latest agriculture machinery on custom hiring basis to reduce the cost of production.
  • 1229 Agro Service Centers have been established for providing very costly agriculture implements like Laser land Levelers, Tractors, Rotavators, Happy Seeders etc on hire basis on a very nominal rates
  • Big boost to commercial dairy farming-4800 dairy farms set-up.
  • Rs. 500 Crores is earmarked to establish Borlouge Institute for South Asia(BISA) at Ladowal(Ludhiana) to develop new varieties of wheat and maize crops
  • Piggery and Goatry are promoted by providing subsidy on new units. 100 goatry and 50 piggery farms have already been established.
  • Three centers of excellence are being setup with cost of Rs.3500.00 lakh for fruits, vegetables and reclaiming alkaline water for horticulture crops.
  • 5.50 lakh sq. meters net houses/polyhouses were setup for production of vegetables and flowers.
Distribution of Fertilizers
  • To bring transparency in the distribution of fertilizer through Primary Agriculture Societies, an SMS based system has been introduced in the year 2012 and till date over 6 lac SMSs have been sent.
  • According to the system the information regarding the dispatch of fertilizers from the rake points by the suppliers (Marked/IFFCO) is automatically provided to members.
  • During the year 2012-13 , 3.36 lacs MTs DAP and 8.90 lac MTs Urea was supplied to the members through Primary Agriculture Service Societies and in the current financial year 9.86 lac MTs Urea and 2.62 lac Mts DAP has been supplied
Empowering Women
  • Under a new scheme launched in January, 2013, 150 Women Dairy Farms setup for the empowerment of women through dairying.
Addressing Labour Problems
  • To solve the labour problems of dairy farms, subsidy is being provided to get machines required for the automation of dairy farm operations.

Irrigation Network Development

We are investing to develop the irrigation network to ensure there is a proper supply of irrigation water across the state of Punjab

  • Construction of Rs. 2285 crore Shahpurkandi Dam Project started.
  • Relining of Rajasthan Feeder and Sirhind Feeder project at a cost of Rs. 1566 crore sanctioned.
  • Rs. 1096 crore spent on lining of distributaries and minors for proper supply for Irrigation water upto tail ends.
  • Rs. 350 crore spent on Kandi Canal Stage-II.
  • 286 deep tubewells to be installed at the cost of Rs. 130 crore in kandi area by March 2015.
  • Out of Rs. 1200 crore sanctioned for strengthening of canals, Rs. 637 crore already spent.
  • Project for lining of canals being fed from River Satluj amounting to Rs. 735 crore sanctioned.
  • Flood protection work s along Satluj, Beas, Ravi & Ujh tributary and works of antiwater logging measures at a cost of Rs. 686ncrore executed.

Civic Amenities to all cities

We are on a mission to provide 100% clean drinking water and sewage to all towns in the next 3 years

  • Drinking water facility to 90 % population and Sewage facilities to 65 % people of the State has been provided. 100% drinking water and sewage facilities will be provided in next three years
  • As many as 581 Water Supply scheme have been completed during 2012-13 and 325 new water supply scheme commissioned during 2013-14 (up to 31.10.13).
  • 1824 Reserve Osmosis (RO) plants have been installed in the rural area of the state at a cost of Rs. 218.06 crore.
  • Work for installation of 561 R.O. Plants in 565 villages costing Rs. 88.56 crore with financial assistance from Nabard is under process.
  • 16032 schools have been provided with the facility of toilets & safe drinking water.
  • Renovation & Rehabilitation of 156 village ponds have been completed up to October 2013 against the target of 190.The remaining 134 ponds will be renovated by March 2014. 82 villages have been provided Sewerage facility up to October,2013 and 100 villages under World Bank Project will be covered to provide Sewerage facility by Dec., 2014.
  • Under the Solid Waste Management, a project has been launched to generate power from 4700 tons of garbage collected in 161 cities & towns.
  • 38 Sewage Treatment Plants has been set up and 19 are under construction to make the rivers of Punjab pollution free.

Improving Public Transport

We are working towards our goal is to establish best public transport system in the state to enhance the travelling experience of people across Punjab.

  • Bus-Rapid-Transit-System projects have been initiated in Amritsar, Ludhiana and Jalandhar
  • 100 City Buses in Jalandhar, Bathinda, Ludhiana and Amritsar are pressed into the service, 430 more buses to be added.
  • 100 projects involving an investment of Rs. 16740 crore have also been planned including 10 BOT roads , 6 Bus Terminals , 39 Inter State Check Posts , 2 Sports Complexes, 1 Five Star Hotel-Cum-Convention Center SAS Nagar , Tourist Destination , turf Club, BRTS at Amritsar and Ludhiana etc.
  • After Jalandhar and Ludhiana, now Amritsar is all set to have City Bus Service.
  • Motor Cab/Maxi Cab Scheme introduced for linking villages to the main roads Radio Cab Scheme introduced in Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana & SAS Nagar.
  • AC Bus Service launched with marginal higher fare.
  • A sum of Rs. 20 crore was provided for free bus facility to the school students during the year 2013-14.

Preserving the Cultural Heritage

Punjab is the land of Heritage and our mission is to ensure that we work towards preserving this heritage.

  • Entrance Plaza at Sri Harmandir Sahib, Amritsar has been completed at a cost of Rs. 90 crore.
  • Historic Memorials at Chapparchiri (SAS Nagar). Kup Ruhira (Malerkotla) & Chhamb Khanuwan (Gurdaspur) constructed to commemorate the victory of Sirhind by Baba Banda Singh Bahadur & in the memory of Chotta & Wadda Ghallughara martyrs respectively.
  • State-of-the-Art Freedom Martyrs Memorial to come up at Kartarpur (Jalandhar) to immortalize contribution of Punjabis in Indian freedom struggle
  • Panj Sarovar and Heritage Walk in Amritsar awarded as Best Heritage Walk by Ministry of Tourism , Govt. of India in 2013

Skill Development of Youth

Skill Development
  • In Collaboration with L & T for construction skills and Tata motors for Driving & Automotive skills development training for the youth.
  • C-PYTE along with the Punjab Police Institute of Security has started a training in Jahan Khelan to train youth for recruitment in Army and Private Security Agencies and 4123 youth were trained and 495 placed till July-2013. Punjab Police Institute is providing training to approximately 2500 youth every year in Private Security Services.
  • Maharaja Ranjit Singh Armed Forces Preparatory Institute for Military training at S.A.S. Nagar is training youth to secure placements in defense.
  • Marine Academy is being established at Roop Nagar to train youth in Naval Trades.
  • Skill development courses like Skin Care & Spa Therapy, Basic Fitness Training & Flower Arrangements under HSRT Scheme have been initiated.
  • Skill development Courses in hospitality, Food Production & Food & Beverages Services, House Keeping Utility, Bakery & patisserie of 6-8 weeks under Huner Se Rozgar Tak Programme have been initiated. Free training being imparted to students of 18-28 years having minimum qualification of 8th standard.
Higher Education
  • 60 thousand cadets to be trained for Army, Navy and Air force by N.C.C. Training Academies of Ropar and Malout.
  • On line scholarship to 60,000 students belonging to scheduled caste and backward classes through Ashirwad website portal.
  • An amount of Rs. 240.00 Lacs provided to establish Panjab Uni. Rural Center Kauni (Gidderbaha).
  • An amount of Rs. 50 Crore provided to improve the infrastructure of Govt. College in the state.

Reviving Sports in Punjab

Our goal is to motivate the youth of Punjab towards Sports and we are working towards provide the right infrastructure and facilities to fulfil this goal.

  • Rs. 200 crore spent on construction of 14 Multi-Purpose Stadiums , Sports Schools at Villages
  • 5,000 Multi-Gyms and 9000 Sports Kits worth of Rs. 22.03 crore disbursed, besides Rs. 9.81 crore cash awards given to medalists of Olympic, Asian & Common Wealth Games.
  • Organized 4 world Kabaddi Cups in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 to promote the ethnic and traditional game, besides organizing Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh Punjab State Games.
  • 3 percent quota reserved for sports persons for admission in educational institutions & recruitment in govt. jobs.
  • 10 eminent sports persons given category ‘A’ jobs.